Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reflecting On Why We Rode

Hello to whoever may be out there.

I (Kelly) have been thinking about our cross country ride a lot lately.  You might ask why?  Well,  when we decided to embark on this adventure we thought, hey cool trip before adult life! Then came the thought of lets do the ride for something and we decided on riding for the American Cancer Society. We selected the American Cancer Society because of our friends and family members who have faced cancer on the front lines.  We wanted to help those who had passed away and those who were still fighting the evils of cancer. Cancer eventually took the lives of Chances uncle, My Grandpa  and my Aunt Linda this spring. It has also come close when my little cousin was diagnosed with Leukemia.   The money went towards research and the accommodations that American Cancer Society can provide to cancer patients. 

Unfortunately, this spring my family had the ugliness of cancer shows its face again when my dad was diagnosed with Glioblastoma 4.  This was a very hard hit and you tend to question why?  That is something, that sadly with this type of cancer, they do not know at this time.  At this moment there is no cure.... This is the toughest thing I have ever experienced in my life.  When we got the actual pathology back you are in shock and then it all settles in.  I cannot even imagine what it is like for my dad.

This is why I have been thinking about this ride a lot. You always think, I will do this for a good cause, this will never happen to us again. Now we are hoping that the money is helping with research to figure out why does  this happen and how do we stop it and save lives.

We did this ride for a great adventure and a great cause. But in the end it is more then that. It is for families like mine that have had the evilness of cancer get to close for comfort.  To all the families out there that have gone through something like this or continue to we wish you great blessings for strength, good health and hopefully one day a cure!

If you would like to follow my Dads story you can find it at

Friday, April 4, 2014


Hello to anyone who may still follow this amazing Blog!! Things are great here in MN and we continue to live an adventurous lifestyle as much as we can!

Why do we nee your help?

 Chance has been building the Cottage Grove Bike Park in Cottage Grove, MN. This bike park is completely volunteer built and built with donated funds and materials.

 Bike Park Facebook Page

We need your help to help us win a $33,000 grant provided by Bell Helmets and International Mountain Bike Association. The winner is selected by popular vote. Please help us win this grant by going to the Bell website and voting for our project during the voting window: April 21st through May 4th. If we win this grant the money will be used to build a 1 acre world class dirt jump plaza that will be progressive and provide a great facility that will provide opportunities for riders of all ages and abilities to learn and develop. From beginner to expert level riders this dirt jump plaza will be a great addition to the Cottage Grove Bike Park. All you need is a valid email address! Please help support our project and create an amazing amenity for the City of Cottage Grove, the Twin Cities and the great state of Minnesota!

Check out the video and VOTE!!

 PLEASE get as many people as you can to vote! we are up against some tough competition in Colorado, Illinois and Indiana. Help us spread the word so Chance can continue to riding culture here in the Midwest! We need people from all over the US and hey if you have contacts in other parts of the world their emails are just as good!!

You support is much appreciated!!

Thank you, Chance, Kelly and Jerry the dog!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Beginnings!

Hello to anyone who might still be connected to this site! Chance and I wanted to again thank those of you who helped us out on our cross country ride in 2009! It's crazy to think that it was 2 years ago. Time sure does fly these days! We would like to share our news with you! We got engaged on June 21st 2011 while on vacation in Gatlinburg, TN! Crazy as it is the bike ride was something that taught us if we could survive a 3600 mile bicycle journey and sharing a tiny tent for 2.5 months we could most likely make it through anything else that was tossed on our plate! We look forward to sharing our life together and out aweomse memeories of a once in a lifetime adventure!

We hope everyone is doing wonderful and having a great summer!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

new blogs

hey hey everyone! well, I'm not sure anyone still follows this blog, it does say there are 8 followers. So any of you that are still interested in us we each have our own blogs now talking about our own things. Mine is and Kelly's is
so check them out!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Colorado Road Trip

Hello to those of you who still follow!! Just thought I would fill you in on some of our recent excursions. This one being our July 1-11th road trip around the lovely state of Colorado. It was our intention to go on this trip not only for adventure and fun but to meet up with some of the wonderful and helpful people that we met on our cycle ride last summer. It was wonderful to see Joe and meet his family Courtney and the two little ones! What bundles of energy, I think they scared Chance in the fact that he is not use to being around little ones:) So we started off our Journey visiting Randy and Amber, some college friends from college and staying with them in a suburb of Denver. It was great to see them and fun to spend time grilling out and hot tubing/pooling it at night! Thanks so much for your hospitality and the delicious food and great company. From there it was off to Telluride to meet up with Joe and he is friends and family to celebrate the 4th in one of the best ski towns around. We had a marvelous times seeing the beautiful scenery and haing out with everyone we met! Telluride is for sure some place to visit if you are ever out in COlorado.
Second, we made our way over Dallas Divide into the quaint town of Ouray, a big 4 wheel/jeeping area in the summer and outrageous ice climbing in the winter. We met Shane who owns the Company Ride-N which offers 4 wheel rental and tours over certain passes in the area. It was a great private tour with him up Imogene pass to just pat 13,000 feet! The town was lovely to walk through and I might have had the best burger ever at a place called Maggies Kitchen, delicious!! If you are ever in the area you must stop by and eat/look for our names on the wall!!
After our great day in Ouray it was off to Gunnison and Crested Butte which is now mine and Chances favorite town ever!! I would love to live there, so if anyone has 1 million dollars and would like to buy me a house there, I would be very greatful he he he!! After wandering around Crested Butte it was off to the campsite for the night to get some rest!
In the AM we went up MOnarch Pass and took the gondola up to where the continential divide is located and took in the amazing views! Again another little place to stop on your way through the ROckies! We then headed back down the mountain to Salida and again wandered ates some grub and headed to Canon City where we would have the awesome adventure of white water rafting!!! In our lovely campsite haha not really, we played some poker to waste time as we watched the sunset over the mountains. We woke up very excited to see our friends at the White Water Adventure Outfitters (WAO)Thanks to Kathy, Tony and Dave for a great experience through the Royal Gorge!! We are going back next year so anyone wanting to go with us let us know! We did get lucky rafting, it was a beautiful day and right at the end when we got back it poured so hard that when we were driving we actually had to pull over on the side of the road...... After rafting we started towards Colorado Springs to finish our Journey. We set up camp at a nice little camp ground outside of Colorado Springs, the only bad thing is that the fire pits did not have grates and we had steak. So, smart Chance used hot dog pokers to pretty much rotisery the steaks and they turned out well!!
After a nice evening rest with perfect sleeping temp we woke up packed up and headed for some tourist attractions. We would be meeting up with Jerry Funk and his wife Gayle later in the evening. We stopped off in the little foot hills of the mountain town called Manitou Springs, again wandered around saw some cute little shops ate lunch and headed to the Manitou Cliff Dwelings to see how the Anzai and Pueblo people once lived. It was fun to tour and get to know some historical facts. After that we didn' tknow what to do so we played some mini golf hit up the bike store and REI...... More time left what to do.... Smart me, I found the free tour at the Olympic Training Center so we headed downtown. WHat a place it is crazy to see the facilities our Olympic athletes used and see their crazy crazy training habits.
Finally, time to meet up with Jerry and Gayle. they are so kind and allowed us to stay with them for the night and shared some wonderful Chinease food with them! Jerry talked with us about our next days climb of Pikes Peak. He has climed all 55 14ers otherwise known as 14.000-15,000 foot peaks in Colorado and has written a wonderful book called 14er Fan Club. So we knew he would have some much needed knowledge and wisdom for our climb! If you love the outdoors and reading you will want to get Jerrys book! Sat we got up at 5am to get ready for our Trek... I will tell you it was no easy task and I was glad when it was over. The views were worth it and I felt accomplished after! Again, thank you Jerry and Gayle for your hospitality and for celebrating our first 14er with us! Then it was time to head home for the 16 hour ride back!!
We had a great time and got to spend time with amazing people in wonderful places! Hope everyone is doing well!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

long time... no word...

Hey everyone, sorry it's been so long since I've wrote, how have all you been? well everything is going well here on the home front. Kelly is still working for Argosy University as a high school recruiter, her go time is starting to slow down and begin the revamping and training time for the summer. I'm still working at the Hartford, some how some way... I can think of a million other jobs I would rather be doing but right now its providing health care and paying the bills. We have some serious plans for the summer. We hope to continue climbing and back packing as much as possible. As of right now we have a week long trip planned for Colorado that will be jam packed with adventures like climbing pikes peak and white water rafting. We or mostly me would love to do some mountain biking but just don't have the funds right now to make that happen. We will also be doing about a week in the black hills the end of August with the family! As for cycling I'm still shredding, try to ride everyday just to keep the legs going, Kelly is still dealing with some knee issues so she does what she can when it's not bothering her. I'm in the market to try some racing, right now I'm planning on giving cyclocross a go in the fall and maybe try to do a gravel race if I can find one in late summer early fall! on the immediate agenda Kel and I will be guest speakers and the Aberdeen/Brown County relay for life, in Aberdeen SD on Friday June 4th, I believe it will be at 11:30pm I know that's after many of your bed times but you should grab a dewski and try to stay awake and come watch us. Even if I suck at speaking in front of crowds, there should be a cool slide show... well keep on truckin' as wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What's going on?

Hey everyone, I know it's been a long time since we wrote anything and I apologize for that. Things have been really busy for us. We are still trying to settle into the "real" world, proper adult life. Not as much fun as the bike ride that's for sure. As you all know we did complete the ride. It was absolutely amazing. We had so much fun and we couldn't have done it with out all your guy's support. Since the bike ride Kelly and I went to Hawaii with her parents for two weeks, which was very cool. When we got back from that the serious job hunt began for me. Kelly had already found a job as a substitute teacher for a couple districts in the Twin Cities. It took me about six weeks but I ended up landing a job at The Hartford, a large insurance company. It's a pretty nice job, it's not exactly what I want to be doing, I mean I'm not living in the mountains or anything, but is a start and an income. Other then that we are still bunking at Kelly's parents house, saving some money and looking for an apartment to call home. Oh, also we finally got all of our pictures added to our photo bucket site which you can access from the pics so far link. Once you are at that site you have to click on the most resent uploads link on the left side. Enjoy the new pics. We enjoyed taking them! Thanks again everyone!

Chance and Kelly

Chance and Kelly